At Bend Research, we seek to partner with pharmaceutical companies that have difficult drug delivery problems to solve, whether they are start-ups with one interesting opportunity or one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our goal is to close the gap between discovery and clinical application as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Areas of Expertise

Our multidisciplinary teams focus first on identifying clients’ problems, and then take an integrated approach to developing highly configurable and customized solutions that solve those problems and advance drugs to the next stages of testing and development. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative yet practical solutions in tight timeframes.

Our Capabilties

Our Technologies


How We Work

We are focused, flexible, and motivated by difficult challenges. We believe in direct communication, honest dialogue, and collaborative solutions. Confidentiality is ensured. Our culture empowers creativity, and our creativity drives innovation and entrepreneurship. As a result, we’re constantly developing unique solutions to problems, improved processes, and specialized equipment for our partners.

Collaborator Network

The scope of our work is comprehensive and we take a vertically integrated approach to advancing promising drugs all the way to commercialization. If we don’t have the expertise on site, we contract with other experts in our collaborator network that share our values, our high standards, and our commitment to our partners’ success.

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