Oral Multiparticulate Technology

Oral multiparticulate technology, in the form of beads, mini-tablets and microspheres with coated and/or matrix architecture, offers a wide range of drug release profile flexibility for single or multiple drug combinations. They can be formulated as modified-release (e.g. extended, delayed, pulsed), immediate-release, bioavailability-enhanced, or taste-masked dosage forms.

In addition, multiparticulates provide predictable and consistent gastrointestinal transit and lower chances of undesirable events (e.g., dose dumping, colonic streaming) associated with tablets.  These multiparticulates can be dosed within capsules, tablets (microspheres, coated beads) or sachets.

Melt-Spray-Congeal Microspheres

  • Spherical, smooth 50-300 µm particles, typically with embedded drug substance, produced by a continuous spinning-disk process, amenable to fluid- bed coating for ultimate release control
  • Applications: modified release, taste-masking, high dose actives

Spray-Layered Multiparticulates

  • Spherical 100-1500 µm single- or multilayered particles containing one or more drug substance and excipients, produced by fluidized-bed coating technology.  Bend Research uniquely offers high-yield, high-quality coating down to 2 g batch sizes.
  • Applications: modified release, enhanced bioavailability, combination therapies

Mini-Tablets with Optional Encapsulation

Round, cylindrical, typically 2-3 mm tablets produced on a rotary tablet press, which may optionally then be aqueous or solvent film-coated by fluid-bed or pan coating, and then encapsulated to produce an immediate or modified release multiparticulate dosage form.  Encapsulation is via a Bend Research modified capsule machine that counts minitablets dispensed into each capsule.

  • Applications: immediate release, modified release, enhanced bioavilability, convenient as a sprinkle for pediatric or elderly populations   

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