Modified Release Solutions

Bend Research has pioneered several technologies that provide modified release of our clients' drugs in predictable and reliable ways. Our technologies help clients manage the timing of drug delivery to promote better efficacy and to increase comfort and safety for patients.

Drug release from osmotic asymmetric-membrane technology (AMT) and osmotic swellable core technology (SCT) tablets is driven by osmotic/hydrostatic pressure differences that provide steady-state, zero-order release. These release profiles are generally independent of pH and stirring rate.  These attributes minimize patient-to-patient variability and allow for accurate prediction of in vivo performance from in vitro dissolution testing (e.g., "IVIVC", "IVIVR"). A wide range of release rates is possible.  Matrix bilayer tablets offer a viable approach for some clients, in particular fixed-dose combinations.

Oral Multiparticulate Technology
Bend Research has developed oral multiparticulate platform technologies, melt-spray-congeal microspheres, spray-layered multiparticulates, and mini-tablets that have been successfully applied to a range of immediate- and modified-release drug delivery needs. We also offer a complete set of in-house solutions such as formulation development and scale-up to cGMP manufacturing.