Continuous Pharmaceutical Innovations For Drug Delivery

Bend Research has a passion to solve challenging problems, promoting a culture that practices continuous pharmaceutical innovation. Our curiosity leads us to new technologies and processes, and improved formulations that can be used for current or future challenges. Below are just a few examples of the current initiatives under way at Bend Research.

Solubilization Improvement
Current research is focused on improving solubilization tools

  • Suspension strategies for challenging compounds for preclinical evaluation
  • Novel in vitro methods to measure free drug for enabled formulations
  • Solubilization maps including complete technology selection criteria
  • Innovation overlap of solubilization intermediates and solid dosage forms
  • Modeling and design of customized processes and equipment

Technology Development for Gaps in Solubilization
Current research is focused on expanding deliverable chemical space through

  • New formulations and materials


  • 2 g/batch fluid bed coater
  • New spray dryer design

New Technology
Current research is focused on innovations in delivery methods

  • Bioprocess engineering and modeling