At Bend Research, we craft multidisciplinary teams with our clients’ scientists so that we can align objectives to ensure the best path forward to advance difficult compounds. We make certain our clients have access to the skill sets and technologies they require by making the best people available to every project. It is this multidisciplinary team approach that enables us to provide in-depth scientific review of our clients’ most difficult drug delivery and development challenges. As a result, we are able to meet clients’ needs for science and engineering excellence, reliability, and rapid response.

Streamlined Development
Our vertically integrated structure and multidisciplinary teams enable us to streamline the development of world-class drug-delivery solutions. Every day our people talk directly to each other and to our clients, moving efficiently and quickly through various capabilities and technologies, all with the goal of advancing the best new medicines. It is these people who have pioneered advancements in new drug delivery platforms such as spray-dried dispersions, spearheaded formulation development to promote controlled release, and oversee our cGMP manufacturing.

Experts in Their Fields

Each of our employees is an expert in his or her own field, but they also share an exemplary work ethic, a global perspective on science, and a commitment to continual improvement. Of more than 250 employees, Bend Research has dozens of scientists with doctoral and advanced technical degrees.