At Bend Research, multidisciplinary teams work closely with clients to clearly identify and understand their problems. Using our expertise in formulation science, we focus on the physical and chemical properties of the compound and the dosage-form requirements to develop tailored problem statements for each compound that will guide preliminary decisions about drug-delivery platforms to enhance formulation effectiveness, and that demonstrate the highest potential for performance, stability, and manufacturability.

Distinct Expertise in Formulation Science

Our distinct expertise lies in utilizing a uniquely broad range of capabilities to select the best approaches that meet our clients’ needs. 

  • Identification of formulation based on compound properties and what is the problem to be solved
  • Physical characterization
    • Solid
    • Solution
  • Speciation
  • Performance-based mechanistic modeling
  • Predictive physical and chemical stability

Bend Research offers extensive state-of-the-art equipment for current Good Manufacturing Practice manufacturing. Review our list of formulation development/process analytical equipment.

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