Bend Research provides numerous novel tools and solutions for improved downstream processes. By combining advanced tools and technologies, data integration using applied mathematics, and our multidisciplinary approach, Bend Research is able to provide critical insights that can be used to improve downstream purification processes. Our goal is to streamline downstream processes for our clients to reduce capital and operating costs significantly through innovations in the following areas:

  • Process Characterization, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), and Process Understanding and Modeling; and
  • Process Evaluation and Facility Fit.

Bend Research generates new technologies to meet the challenges of the bioprocessing industry. Offerings are broad and are tailored to specific client needs, with example capabilities and program deliverables provided below.

Process Characterization, Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Process Understanding, and Modeling
Bend Research offers numerous capabilities to improve the downstream production of biologics. Example deliverables include the following:

  • technology evaluation to assess simulated moving bed versus batch chromatography configurations;
  • technology assessment of alternative processing options to replace “standard” Protein A columns;
  • high‐throughput adaptation of polysaccharide conjugate assay;
  • technology feasibility demonstrated for alternatives to lyophilization for water removal;
  • chromatography model developed to predict protein capture/breakthrough across range of process conditions;
  • lyophilization models developed to guide process development, scale‐up, and scale-down;
  • assessment of feasibility of in situ spectroscopy probes for extent of reaction, and
  • Excel‐based tool for aggregation and analysis of high-throughput data.

Process Evaluation and Facility Fit
Bend Research offers numerous capabilities to support process evaluation and facility fit. Example deliverables include the following:

  • delivery of a just‐in‐time (JIT) buffer-preparation skid (for a SAT test) in a pilot plant;
  • innovation around filter choice, placement in process train, throughput, design of operating conditions (including economic assessment to guide filter choice and operations implementation);
  • preliminary downstream‐in‐a‐box tool to support flexible plant operation; and
  • feasibility of viral inactivation with solvent/detergent demonstrated as an option for increased downstream flexibility.

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