Dosage Form Development

At Bend Research, our multidisciplinary teams make sure the dosage forms we devise offer exactly the right delivery profile and are robust from a manufacturability standpoint at lab, pilot, and commercial scales by using their combined expertise in pharmaceutics, materials science, biophysical science, and chemical/mechanical engineering. As a new dosage form moves through the development process, expertise is just a few footsteps away for help with optimization, troubleshooting, and scale-up, resulting in a development effort that is efficient and cost-effective.

We have a number of technologies that we're able to reduce to practice within our laboratory, pilot, and current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) manufacturing facilities. We also look outside our company to other partners to identify the very best approach for a given drug-delivery formulation and process.

A Full Range of Offerings
Bend Research offers a full range of pharmaceutical drug product intermediates and oral dosage forms for development and clinical trial materials, including:

  • Spray-dried dispersions (SDDs)
  • Solid nanocrystalline dispersions (SNCDs)
  • Hot-melt extrusion (HME)[[wysiwyg_imageupload:152:]]
  • Engineered particles
  • Dry micronized particles
  • Submicron to micron wet-milled particles
  • Dry granulations (roller compaction)
  • Wet granulations, aqueous and solvent; fluid-bed, high-shear, twin-screw mixer/extruder
  • Fluid-bed coated multiparticulates, immediate and modified release
  • Melt-spray-congeal multiparticulates
  • Osmotic modified-release tablets
  • Minitablets
  • Single and bi-/tri-layer tablets
  • Powder/pellet/minitablet filled capsules
  • Aqueous- and solvent-based tablet coating

Bend Research offers extensive state-of-the-art equipment for cGMP manufacturing. Review our list of formulation development/process analytical equipment.

PDF icon Bend Research Equipment List.pdf