Bend Research and Xcelience Form Partnership to Speed Drug Product Intermediates to Early-Phase Clinical Trials

August 24, 2011

Bend Research and Xcelience Form Partnership to Speed Drug Product Intermediates to Early-Phase Clinical Trials

Tampa, FL, and Bend, OR, USA (August 24, 2011) – Bend Research Inc. and Xcelience LLC announced today that the two companies have formed a collaboration to provide oral solid-solubilization formulation solutions  and expedited clinical supply manufacture  in combined programs designed to advance clients’ best new medicines.

The collaboration will deliver superior value to clients with challenging drug development candidates by combining Bend’s problem-solving and formulation/processing expertise for delivering poorly soluble compounds with Xcelience’s solid reputation for accelerating early phase development activities.  The collaboration will  maximize stage-specific expertise and expand operational capacity in a manner that provides immediate streamlinedsolutions to clients with tight timelines for clinical supplies.

“This collaboration reduces project timelines and transfer risk more than would be possible if the two steps occurred sequentially,” said Xcelience CEO and President Derek Hennecke. “It's a perfect example of what can happen when two organizations combine to push the boundaries of what it means to deliver great value.”

Rod Ray, CEO of Bend Research Inc, said, “In this collaboration, we are  combining Xcelience’s strengths in drug product development and clinical-supply manufacturing with our company’s expertise in science and engineering-based formulations for low-solubility candidate compounds and our own drug product intermediate clinical supply manufacture.  This will enable us to provide our high-quality, innovative solutions for clients in shorter timeframes, which can be critical in the development of new medicines.”

Ray said the collaboration is another important step in his company’s push to build a global network of collaborators committed to delivering solutions to advance new medicines, thereby leveraging Bend Research’s expertise to provide clients with optimized solutions to their pharmaceutical development challenges.

About Bend Research Inc.
For more than 35 years, Bend Research ( has worked with clients to create value by advancing new medicines that improve human health and to solve their most difficult scientific and technical problems.  This success is based on the company’s ability to develop, advance, and commercialize pharmaceutical technologies.  The firm’s innovative drug-delivery solutions grow from a solid base of scientific and engineering fundamental understanding.

Bend Research provides formulation and dosage-form support, assists in process development and optimization, manufactures clinical-trial quantities of drug candidates in its cGMP facilities, and advances promising drug candidates from conception through commercialization.  Bend Research is a leader in novel formulations, including solubilization technologies such as spray-dried dispersions and hot-melt extrusion formulations, as well as controlled-release, inhalation, and biotherapeutics technologies.

About Xcelience LLC
Xcelience LLC ( ) is a premier provider of formulation development and manufacturing solutions with a solid reputation for accelerating early phase development.  Our outstanding quality record, drug development expertise, disciplined project management and willingness to customize enables us to deliver real advantage to pharmaceutical innovators focused on small molecule development.

Partnering with a specialist for early development can reduce product risk and accelerate development timelines.  Since 1997, Xcelience has been renowned for reliably expediting drug development and reducing compound risk.  Our scientists have considerable experience overcoming challenging physical and chemical properties in a manner that results in improved solubility and compound bioavailability.