Implementing True PAT in Bioreactor Operations


In implementing process analytical technology (PAT), biopharmaceutical companies are continually striving to gain a fundamental understanding of what is happening to the cells within thier bioreactors and the impact that the process has on the cell's ability to deliver the target product quality. While implementation of on-line tools like dielectric spectroscopy and Raman are helping to provide insightm there is still a gap integrating the data produced by these techniques with off-line measurements such as cell density, viability, metabolic levels, and titer and presenting that data to the end user that gives them real insight into their process. 

This poster illustrates how the MAST platform is incorporated with on-line analytical technologies to deliver overall cell-level "observability." For example, as a result of this integration, dielectric spectroscopy measurements can be corrected to estimate total and viable cell density more accurately.



Biotherapeutics / Bioprocessing