Multiplexed Aseptic Sampling System Has Proven Performance

The sampling challenges associated with maintaining sterility and processing high-density cell solutions have been resolved by development of the Modular Automatic Sampling Technology (MASTTM) platform.  Enabling at-line analysis, the MAST platform allows collection of real-time samples that can be obtained from multiple reactors and sent to a wide variety of devices including Nova BioProfile® FLEX analyzers, cell-removal systems, sample-retain devices, and sample processors.  Work is under way to integrate the MAST system with additional instruments, including HPLC/UPLC, LC/MS, Cedex Bio HT, and Vi-Cell® analyzers. 


MAST units have been installed at nine client facilities and have taken more than 2,500 samples in cell-culture, microbial, and downstream applications without loss of sample integrity or bioreactor sterility.  The MAST product platform is illustrated below.


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