Upstream and Downstream Biotherapeutic Drug Development 

Based on client input and industry need, we have developed  a wide range of science-based problem-solving services available to scientists in biopharmaceutical and related industries.  The suite of technologies has been optimized for innovator and biosimilar interests.  


Innovative Services Available
  • Determination of the impacts of process conditions and media components on cell propagation, protein production and protein quality.
  • Chemical and biological analysis of the functional attributes of media additives.
  • High-throughput data generation using customized sample-generation hardware and an integrated laboratory setting.
  • Custom software solutions for data generation and data management.
  • Big data set reduction and knowledge generation using customized algorithm and model development.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling.


Streamlined and Derisked Biologics Manufacturing Technologies

  • Real-time cell and protein analysis using the Modular Automatic Sampling Technology (MASTTM) platform  for aseptic sampling
  • In-line, on-line, and off-line analytical integration with the MAST platform
  • Data retrieval from analytical tools 
  • Data curation and database development


Novel Analytical Solutions Using Dielectric Spectroscopy
  • Advance in situ, automated cell-state monitoring
  • Cellular process understanding
  • Guided media development
  • Process-control strategies