Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions helps our clients advance new biotherapeutic medicines and technologies that improve human and animal health.


Capsugel’s offering provides novel formulation and processing solutions for clients’ biotherapeutic molecules.  This offering includes a wide range of comprehensive tools  developed by Bend Research that improve process understanding and performance, increase target product quality, and reduce operating costs.  These offerings capitalize on major investments in spray-drying facilities—including facilities capable of handling vaccines and BSL2 molecules—and state-of-the-art cell-culture research facilities.  These facilities feature recent innovations in process design and process analytical technology (PAT). With these facilities and our multidisciplinary expertise in biology, chemistry, engineering, and applied mathematics, we can advance the development of our clients’ biotherapeutic products and processes.


Our specific biotherapeutics offerings include:

  Novel Biotherapeutics Formulation Approaches

  New Facilities Dedicated To Cell-Culture Process Optimization & Scale-Up

  MAST™ - Innovative Modular Equipment That Enables Sterile, Automated Sampling

  Expanded Biotherapeutics Problem-Solving Services


As this list indicates, the Dosage Form Solutions biotherapeutics team focuses on multiple technology areas within the spectrum of biopharmaceutical drug development, encompassing upstream and downstream technologies as well as biotherapeutic formulation.  The technology areas, scale, and scope of research are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client’s research program. We offer a broad range of tools, technologies, and know-how that can be used to improve products and processes from feasibility evaluation to scale-up and commercialization, successfully enhancing biotherapeutic production.


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