New State-Of-The-Art Cell Culture Process Development and Optimization Lab Offers Enhanced Capabilities

In cell-culture process development and optimization, our mission is to maximize our clients’ protein yields and product quality through the development of robust processes and control strategies.  Our goal is to extract more information and understanding from bioreactor experiments to develop processes that produce high-quality product consistently.


The centerpiece of this effort is a new state-of-the-art laboratory that can be used to develop, optimize, and scale up biotherapeutic manufacturing processes.  This lab is a critical investment at our Bend Research facility (Bend, OR) because of the expanded capabilities it allows us to offer our clients.


The lab contains  state-of-the-art technology centered on the novel Modular Automated Sampling Technology (MAST™) system developed by Bend Research.  A suite of Broadley-James 2-L bioreactors are connected to a MAST Core+TM multiplexing system that enables automated sampling and delivery to a variety of analytical equipment and cell-retention devices. A custom automated data-aggregation and visualization system is used to rapidly query, analyze, and interpret cell-culture data.  In addition, a 30-L steam-in-place reactor is available for scale-up of optimized processes.  An illustration and photograph of the new lab is shown below.